Thursday, December 10, 2009

nude bowl fanpage

on facecock. click here

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  1. I skated this spot when I was 12. My dad lived in nearby Yucca Valley. He got directions from the local skateshop and took me there once, then my mom took me there a 2nd time 1 week later. I have a few 4x6 color prints from the 2nd session in 1987 around my 13th birthday. I'm so lucky to have rode it in its original state before the major fixes occured. The dirt road getting there was so gnarly and its in the fucking middle of nowhere, literally, fuckin nowhere. If you get stuck, you are fucked! My dad's car overheated on the way there and we had to take the road at like 40 mph with tires too big so they scraped the fenders on every turn. We made to the bowl just in time for the car to cool down. Some vagrants were there when we arrived already skating & partying. It was a scene back then for sure. It looked partied out.

    I was lucky enough to go a few more times before she got buried. I have a little footage of that in the hidden bonus section of "Under the Influence". I've met the guy who's mom took him there for the first ride back when it was a nudist colony, at least that's what he told me. Trippy shit!

    Sick site man!

    The Pool Gods are smiling!