Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

some pool shots i made from 1989 to 2008

Skaters are: 
Keith Stephenson, Sign In Bowl, LA 1989
John Swope, Egg Bowl LA, 1990
Ricky Styles, San Juan Pool, 1989
The Blob, Slime Bowl, LA 1990
Kenny King, Clairmond, 2000
T. Moncaster, Vancouver Canada, 2003
Texas Dan, San Diego 2001
Steven, Antwerp 2008
Andreas Findeklee, OMSA Pool Duesselorf 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The American Buckshot used one of my pictures 
for their new flyer. I like it..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New OMSA Teamrider: Dirk Reuter

Dirk celebrated his 38 th birthday today with a session at 
the OMSA Pool. He is a really nice guy and ripping skater. 
This FS Air is in the shallow end. Dirk is also a great 
Tattoo Artist with his own studio:

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Schlachthof2 Ramp Video

Here is a small clip of the Schlachthof 2 Ramp ( after the pink ramp was cut down by some goons ) we had before i built the Factory and the OMSA pools in the same area. R.I.P.

one wheeler

A " Trick " barely seen these days. Dicky at the OMSA Pool. Nice Butt shot too.

Japanese Skateboarding

Here is a great Video taken from the Thrasher site of their trip to Japan. Exept some really hard and stylish skating in some really strange spots.


I am proud to anounce the OMSA Guest Model on RISE ABOVE Skateboards. RISE ABOVE comes from Leipzig Germany and they have some very good Boards and a great clothing line, like this sick Poolriders T shirt. 


OMSAZINE Nr.3. Buy your copy now by writing me 
an e- mail for details.

OMSA Pool Service Patch. Sold out

Andreas Findeklee

Andreas with some really creativ layback roll out

Jan , Slashgrinds

Jan From Cologne with two really heavy slashrinds over the deathbox


Hungarian Porn Star Evelyn during the shooting of the POOLS AND PUSSY Calendar at the OMSA Pool

Ripper Pool Video

Here a short clip of Ripper from the Texas Poolsharks in some Pool


Here is a great new PoolVideo from the CONCUSSION site. Enjoy

Blader Hater Dietsches

Dicky, omsa pool

My Mate Dicky from London with a Frontside Air over the deathboy at the omsa pool


WE still have a bunch of calendars so contact me to buy one. 15 Dollars incl. shipping or 12 Euros

Loveseat at the Hagen Pool

OMSA and Factory Bowl, Düsseldorf Germany